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I bought a CL55 back in 2003 and lowered it shortly after playing around with the Ride Height Sensors. Did it by making up brackets, some grinding and using miscellaneous bolts. Once a couple friends found out that I could do it they all wanted there cars and SUV's done. That method worked but wasn't very easy to do. It was way too time consuming and not very accurate. I knew there was a better way.

I read about Electronic Modules but they were really expensive, limited to the amount they would lower and had to be hard wired in. Removing them would have been difficult as well. What if when the wires are cut you get a bad connection and something shorts out? Would hate to have to deal with a warranty claim on that!

After a few designs I developed a Fully Adjustable Linkage that directly replaces the stock Ride Height Sensor Arm. For all vehicles except the E & CLS there's nothing to even unbolt. Simply pop of your original Link and pop the Fully Adjustable one on. It's that easy!!! Can be returned back to stock just as easy. Best of all, it's very reasonably priced.

John Vranic


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