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About Us

Welcome to Adjustable Air Ride. Proud to say that I am the 1st company to sell Lowering Links for vehicles with factory Air Ride to alter their height. It all started back in 2003 when I bought a brand new CL55 and wanted to lower it. Electric Modules came out 1st that were really expensive and wires needed to be cut for the installation. I then read discussions on MB World about moving the ride height sensors. A few methods were proposed. Washers under the brackets, bending the stock Links or just making up new ones with metal straps. I tried them all. Installation was very time consuming and hard to get the vehicle to sit exactly how I wanted.

After a few designs I developed a fully Adjustable Link that would fit directly onto the factory ball studs. Made sure they clipped on securely and would not self adjust. Installation needed to be a breeze and have enough adjustment to make the vehicle sit exactly how you wanted. Some people like it really low and others just a slight drop. In most cases all that’s needed is a flat head screwdriver or adjustable wrench to remove the factory Links. The vehicle may also be returned back to stock without any detection of being modified.

There is nothing like the look on customers faces after a little drop. It’s amazing how it can completely transform a vehicle. For many vehicles that run stock wheels we strongly recommend adding spacers. Having them flush with the wheel well looks really nice. 

Buying Adjustable Links from us feel completely confident you’re getting top notch quality parts from a supplier that has 1st hand experience with installations and how the product works. Technical assistance is just a phone call, text or email away. I’m always by my phone and really enjoy helping others.

Thnak you!
John Vranic

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Order 2 or more kits and get Free Shipping!