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Frequently Asked Questions

The lower you go the more stiffer it will feel.

Yes. A lower center of gravity always helps
Yes. Depending how low you go, once lowered the highest setting will be approx. the same height as the lowest setting before the vehicle was lowered.
Any time a vehicle is lowered it should be checked. The wheels will Camber in. With my car lowered about 1.25″ I have not had it done and notice slight inside ware on the front tires. I personally like a little Camber look so will sacrifice a little tire ware.
Yes. When applied you will still have that extra sporty feel.
It depends on my mood. I find that there is such a difference between the settings now. Lowest with ABC Sport On feels so sporty yet raised all the way with Sport Off is nice and smooth. Find I use the Raise button a lot more. Before lowering would never use it, was almost like a 4×4 when raised.
Yes definitely. All that’s needed is a jack, jack stands, monkey wrench and Pliers.
Lower then you can possibly drive.
We have all heard stories how dealerships try to deny claims for any reason. Our kits have never caused any issue on any vehicle. If for some strange reason someone did have a problem with their Suspension System we recommend to remove the Links and put the stock 1’s back. That’s another advantage of our kit. It can be done in 30 min. and there will be no trace of it unlike Electronic Modules with cut wires.
I don’t like the turn buckle design. There is a lot of vibration through out the suspension and if the lock nut comes loose the Link will adjust by itself causing the suspension to move. The vehicle may either raise or lower and could cause something catastrophic to happen.
No!!! They both are doing the same job just at different points. The strut only has so much travel inside.
No but if you lower the vehicle excessively then it will. Can go usually a max of 3” but each vehicle is different. If it does come on just raise it a little and it will go away.
No. They attach just like the OEM Links.
World wide.

Frequently Asked Questions about Lowering Links and Kits

Lowering Links are aftermarket components designed to move the ride height sensor. That changes the voltage coming from the sensor which in turn alters the height of your vehicle, enhancing its appearance and often improving handling performance.

Lowering your Bentley with specialised links can improve aesthetics and handling, giving your vehicle a sportier look and feel.

Compatibility varies based on the model and year. Always check product
specifications and consult with us to ensure a proper fit.

Similar to Bentley, Porsche Lowering Links are designed to provide a lowered stance
and improved handling. Check compatibility for your Porsche model.

Denali Lowering Links are typically designed for GMC Denali models with Air Suspension. Ensure compatibility with your specific Denali vehicle.

Yes Tesla Lowering Links offer adjustable features for personalised ride height.
Check product details for adjustable settings.

Lowering an Audi may result in a firmer ride. Consider your driving preferences and
road conditions before deciding how low to make your Audi.

Installation procedure is very simple and can be done with minimal mechanical skills. If you are hesitant have a professional mechanic install the Hummer Lowering Links.

If you are concerned check local regulations regarding vehicle modifications. To ensure that lowering your Escalade with aftermarket Links complies with legal requirements.

Warranty coverage varies among manufacturers. If you do have an issue and are concerned install the OEM Mercedes Links. The dealer can never tell the vehicle has been modified. 

Yukon Lowering Links are available through our online store. Can also call direct to place the order. We do Also sell on Ebay and through a few various automotive retailers.

Yes you can. We have had customers do a body lift along with using our Ram Lift Links.

Rolls Royce Lowering Links provide a lowered stance for enhanced aesthetics along with better handling. 

Dodge Ram Lowering Kits include 4 Links. 1 for each corner of the vehicle. You can then make the vehicle sit exactly how you like. 

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